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Creating a digital analytics data collection guide

  • 1.  Creating a digital analytics data collection guide

    Posted 08-28-2017 02:17 PM

    Introduction: Before starting any analytics project, it is important to understand the reason why you've been asked to track the site or mobile application.

    This recipe will guide you through the main steps to be followed to create the ideal data collection guide.

    Analysis Overview:

    Web sites & mobile apps are getting more and more complex. Videos, sliders, one-page site, HTML content embedded in mobile apps, etc.

    It is technically challenging to track all the relevant interactions to measure the performance of the site.

    You should ask yourself the right questions prior to the tagging phase and you should onboard all the company stakeholders to make sure you're measuring the right KPIs, consistently & accurately across all platforms.

    Analysis Benefits:  (What are the top benefits that this analysis will provide?)

    1. Align measured KPIs with company strategy
    2. Be sure that you make no compromise on data quality
    3. Share relevant reports & dashboards to stakeholders based on their profiles
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    Remy Balangue -
    Ecommerce Market Manager
    Essential Series: Applying Digital Analytics