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R Heatmap Visualization Tutorial

  • 1.  R Heatmap Visualization Tutorial

    Posted 08-31-2017 12:49 PM
    Introduction: This is a tutorial on how to create heatmap data visualizations using R. You'll learn how to create an hourly sessions (visits) by day of week heatmap and a page scroll depth heatmap.

    Analysis Overview:
    Heatmaps let you visualize large volumes of complex data and quickly spot trends and generate insights. R the open source statistical programming language have packages to connect directly to Google Analytics googleAnalyticsR or Adobe Analytics RSiteCatalyst and create visualizations using packages like ggplot2

    Analysis Benefits: 
    The hourly sessions data by day of week heatmap gives you a better understanding of the days and times you are getting traffic to your site.
    The page scroll depth heatmap gives you a better handle on content engagement. It let's you see if visitors are scrolling down the page and reading your content.

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    Ryan Praskievicz
    New York NY
    Essential Series: Applying Digital Analytics