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Leveraging User ID / Visitor ID

  • 1.  Leveraging User ID / Visitor ID

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    Posted 08-29-2017 01:23 PM

    Originating Authors: 

    Vivek S V & Jayanth Kanala, Nabler


    In the language of an analytics tool, a device/cookie is a customer. But the real world is so different. A customer can visit your website through multiple devices and channels but still, he needs to be treated as a single customer. If you strictly go by the analytics-customer, then you are targeting the same human being through marketing efforts which can cost you millions. Also, you are barraging a customer with numerous touch points, unintentionally. The reality is that not many have realized this mistake. So, how this can be solved?

    The popular analytics tools offer a feature called userID (aka visitorID) which could solve this problem. This recipe details out the process of leveraging User ID and its applications.

    Analysis Overview: 

    In this recipe, we are going to
    • illustrate user flow and the role of userID
    • walk you through the steps involved in enabling userID
    • illustrate offline data integration process with the help of userID
    • elaborate on vendor specific userID / visitorID implementation steps

    Analysis Benefits: 

    1. More accurate view of unique users of your website and no duplication of users
    2. Cross device tracking and ability to integrate offline/CRM data with analytics data
    3. Find relationships between your acquisitions, engagement, and conversions
    4. Helps create more audience segments for marketing tools such as Adobe Target, Google Survey, Google Optimize etc.,
    5. Various reports are offered by analytics tools based on userID / visitorID for further analysis
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    Jayanth Kanala
    Nabler (Corporate Account)
    Essential Series: Applying Digital Analytics