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Deep dive in creating and using variables in GTM and DTM

  • 1.  Deep dive in creating and using variables in GTM and DTM

    Posted 08-29-2018 12:06 PM

    Originating Author:

    Divya S, Arun Kumar P, Nabler


    You are in a war and you need weapons to proceed further. God has then appeared and gifted you a set of ready-to-use weapons. He also gifted you weapon ingredients so that you can also craft weapons that suit your specific needs. You crafted and used these weapons wisely and you have emerged victorious.

    In analogy to weapons, any tag manager offers built-in variables and user defined variables that are basically containers that store information. In other words, variable is a named placeholder for a value that will change, such as a product name, a price value, or a date. These variables can be used to provide values to the tag, triggers, rules or other variables


    Analysis Overview:                                                           

    In this recipe, we are going to

    • Briefly discuss about what are variables or Data Elements and different types of variables in Google Tag Manager(GTM) and Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM)
    • Deep dive into creation of few widely used variables, their utilization and validation across GTM and DTM
    • Illustrate few best-case scenarios in which variables can be best utilized


    Analysis Benefits:

    1. Make your code more flexible for any customization that can really make your tagging lean, efficient, performance-driven, and time-saving.
    2. Improve efficiency and reduce redundancy as variables can be reused once declared
    3. Reduce time required for any modifications of the tags implemented

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    Arun Kumar Polepaka
    Senior Implementation Consultant
    Nabler (Corporate Account)
    Essential Series: Applying Digital Analytics