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Import MailChimp Automations in Google Data Studio

  • 1.  Import MailChimp Automations in Google Data Studio

    Posted 11-19-2018 01:59 PM

    Few months ago I wrote an article focused on how to import MailChimp Campaign data in Google Data Studio.

    Now, to achieve a full implementation, I just rebuild the script in order to import the MailChimp Automations' data into Google Data Studio.

    Analysis Overview

    With the recipe we are going to import one of the most important and powerful features provided by MailChimp into Google Data Studio in order to have the big picture of your maili marketing effort.

    Analysis Benefits:
    The main analytical benefit is that now marketers are able to understand the whole mail customer journey merging the MailChimp data with the post click information set in Google Analytics using the Google Data Studio's blending feature.

    DAA members, go here to view full recipe.

    Enrico Pavan
    President, Analytics and CRO Director
    Enrico Pavan
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