Analytics Recipe Cookbook - Summaries

  • 1.  Product Upsell Analysis

    Posted 08-28-2017 02:22 PM


    Adding upsells to your website might be easy but is it as easy to analyse them and use the evaluated data to make strategic decisions?  

    Analysis Overview:  

    This Analytics Recipe deals with the practice of Product or Service Upselling and provides some valuable insights into upselling analysis. Learn about the key metrics to analyse performance for product/service upselling and don't miss priceless advice to avoid common mistakes when tracking and evaluating upsell data.

    Analysis Benefits:  

    1. Defining Upselling
    2. Data Collection: Define the key metrics to analyse performance for product upsells and learn how you can track these chose metrics
    3. Data Validation: Common mistakes when presenting & tracking upsell product performance
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    Christine Frey
    Optimization & Retention Manager
    Essential Series: Applying Digital Analytics