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Search Lead Time for effective yield management

  • 1.  Search Lead Time for effective yield management

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    Posted 09-06-2017 01:53 PM
    How much in advance do customers search/book on my website?
    aka Search Lead Time for effective yield management.

    Why this is important? 

    This tracking helps you understand how vacationer's lead time varies by property/ location to better align marketing campaign timelines and spend with demand. Tracking this information on a regular basis helps to predict customer demand and forecast how marketing budget should be allocated for forthcoming year. You can also use lead time information to identify booking trends for seasonal holidays and use that insight to adjust your promotional efforts accordingly.

    Search Lead Time – Time in days between search and stay.

    While any booking engine or PMS could measure lead time, they would be limited only to the actual bookings on your site (Booking Lead Time). The insights from customer searches (that did not convert) is equally important as they give you complete picture of customer intent. Once you have the tracking for this information, your analytics tool should allow you to break down this dimension (segment) for respective points of sale. 
    The trending for booking and search lead times might be different from each other for your customer set. The analysis gives a crucial insight into your customer's behavior pattern and help classify them broadly as -

    • SEARCHING EARLY, BOOKING LATE (more lead time for search vs booking)
    • SEARCHING AND BOOKING IN-LINE (trends identical)

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    Abhinav Sharma
    Adobe Systems (Corporate Account)
    Lehi UT
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