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Measuring Video Engagement for Digital Video: On-Domain Video

  • 1.  Measuring Video Engagement for Digital Video: On-Domain Video

    Posted 06-20-2017 01:58 PM

    Introduction: Unless you currently live under a rock, you will probably not be shocked by my next statement.

    Videos on both the web and mobile are performing well.

    One-third of all activity spent online is spent watching video. So how do you know if your videos are engaging viewers?

    Analysis Overview:  These metrics will apply to all types of videos you create – informational, educational, promotion, marketing or branding video content types. This recipe will discuss the metrics you should use for your owned properties, such as your website or mobile app.

    Analysis Benefits: 

    1. Which metrics you should pay attention to
    2. What reports you should run
    3. What types of analyses make the most sense to understand your video engagement
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    Chris Meares
    Vice President of Analytics
    Philadelphia PA
    Essential Series: Applying Digital Analytics