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Digital Marketing Channels: Tagging and Strategy

  • 1.  Digital Marketing Channels: Tagging and Strategy

    Posted 08-29-2017 10:10 PM
    Edited by Dave Gatdula 08-29-2017 10:48 PM

    Originating Authors:  

    Dave Gatdula, CWA, Dallas Chapter Leader | Digital Analytics Specialist
    Shilpa Nicodemus | Back End Adobe Analytics Architect


    "Hey, [VeryImportantAnalyst], why is the tracking from the new campaign promo not coming in?"

    "Why is [RandomChannelX] performance so weird?" 

    "Where are [AllThese] customers coming from?!"

    These are just some of the possible questions asked at the beginning of your ongoing journey to Marketing Channel and Tracking Greatness. Organizing your digital marketing channels within your analytics platform requires a decent bit of forethought and strategy. This recipe will help guide you through the high-level strategic needs of setting up digital channel reporting that can help drive insight into the touch points of your digital marketing efforts.

    Analysis Overview: 

    The Digital Marketing Channels in your company's analytical solution are entirely dependent on your ability to track where someone came from when they enter your site. As clearly as can be defined, you need to set up the channels based on your marketing strategy and align them with the company's business objectives and goals. This will allow you to effectively utilize them in reporting and analysis, and potentially create attribution modeling and other multi-touch views. 

    Analysis Benefits:  

    (What are the top benefits that this analysis will provide?)

    1. Clarity into traffic and engagement from digital sources generating traffic to your site
    2. Ability to see into campaign performance across digital channels for more holistic analyses
    3. A solid understanding of the touchpoints in your customer journey prior to conversion so that you can make better marketing decisions 
    4. Figure out which channels actually contribute to conversion and which marketing dollars were possibly wasted 
    5. More accurate definition of channel sources and standardized governance practices (aka less down-the-neck-breathing from stakeholders)

    Analysis Recipe: 

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    Dave Gatdula, CWA - Dallas Chapter Leader
    Digital Analytics Specialist
    Hilton (Corporate Account)
    Dallas, TX
    Essential Series: Applying Digital Analytics