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Script to Export All the Google Analytics Goals & Funnels in Google Spreadsheet

  • 1.  Script to Export All the Google Analytics Goals & Funnels in Google Spreadsheet

    Posted 12-04-2019 01:46 PM

    Are you looking for any script which can download all the Google Analytics goals and its details in google spreadsheet? Then you are on the right site.

    Just to refresh your knowledge, goals are of 5 types i.e.

    • Destination Goal
    • Duration Goal
    • Pages/Screens per session Goal
    • Event Goal
    • Smart Goal

    Here in this recipe, we will learn how to export Destination, Duration, Pages/Session & Event goals along with its details in the spreadsheet.

    Analysis Overview:  
    Before moving forward, can you recall if you have you ever created Google Analytics Solutions Design Document manually where you have listed down all the implemented goals with its types and details? Also, the funnels created under these goals, which can be up to 20 steps?

    If yes, then you can definitely understand the pain of manually copying all the Goals into an excel sheet. It can take you hours to list down all the goals with its types, details and multiple steps funnel for all the views under multiple properties.

    I believe you will never want to waste your time into this manual copy paste thing. So, what is the solution?

    Quite simple – a few lines of Google Appscript code can help you to get all the goals along with the funnels.

    Analysis Benefits: 

    1. Script will save you time.
    2. Script will save you manual work.

    DAA members, go here to view full recipe.

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