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Bruce Segal

These two documents show the relationship between purchases and bounces by search terms that have...

Shannon Taylor

Marketing analysts face two huge challenges. First they must turn disparate multichannel data into...


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    RE: Ideal ROAS?

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    H Faheem, It's a good question and one I hear often. Asked in different ways, "Is there an industry benchmark?" for a host of metrics like ROAS, Conversion Rate, Funnel Matriculate Rate, Revenue Per Visit (RPV) and so on. My take - I honestly...

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    Digital Marketing Team (profiles)

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    Is anyone aware of a bank source for profiles of members of a digital marketing team to help with writing job descriptions? i.e: strategic and tactical roles for: social media, content, SEO, SEM, conversion, user experience, etc. Thanks!

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    Digital Analytics Practice

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    Is there a source to learn more about developing an analytics practice? I am interested in finding frameworks and models and process guidance. I appreciate any insight. Thanks.

  • Faheem Dayala

    Ideal ROAS?

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    Hi Guys, Is there an "ideal" ROAS one should expect when putting together media plan? 7x? 10x? I realize that depends on product/service - the product I'm dealing with has about 6 month latency. I would love to tap into the minds of the DAA...